Press: DZ Deathrays Release New Single

I OH YOU are fired up to present DZ Deathrays second single ‘All or Nothing’ lifted from their fifth studio album Positive Rising: Part 2 (out Fri 9 July 2021), the highly anticipated follow up from 2019’s Positive Rising: Part 1.

Premiering yesterday on triple J’s Drive, ‘All or Nothing’ is a testament to the objects that serve as reminders of home when the band are far from it.

“It’s reminiscent of touring life and the idea that something like a guitar can bring so much joy and adventure to our lives,” Parsons explains.

One of the hardest songs on the record to finish, Parsons rewrote the music over and over in different keys “to try see where it would go”. After six attempts it wound up right where it started: as a rollicking, garage epic that shifts key from verse to chorus. In other words: a classic DZ Deathrays song. “It’s the flip-side to some of the other tracks that look out into the world: this one looks into our little world.” 

LISTEN: DZ Deathrays – ‘All or Nothing’

Guitar hero ‘All or Nothing’ follows the anthemic sonic pep talk ‘Fired Up’ which was eaten up by fans and critics alike, seeing adds to international rock playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, hitting the 9th most played song on triple j just last week and receiving coverage from Rolling Stone AU, NME AU and Blunt Mag. Recently dropping the heartfelt acoustic version of the track while in iso, DZ take a step back from their punchy beats and melting riffs to substitute with a mix of soothing guitar plus cello, completely transforming the high energy tune into a romantic ballad.

DZ sent listeners into a frenzy when teaming up with one of their favorite bands, WAAX,  to deliver two absolutely belting covers – DZ reworking ‘FU’ and WAAX bringing their signature style to a rendition of ‘Fired Up’. Both bands molding the others’ song into passionate, head banging goodness that demands to be listened at full volume.

In celebration of their forthcoming album Positive Rising: Part 2, DZ have collaborated with the legends at Built To Spill to launch ‘DZ Deathrays Positive Sparkling Cremant’ – party fizz for one of Australia’s most high energy bands. The special release Pet Nat is made up of certified organic chenin blanc from Margaret River, WA. Positive Sparkling Cremant is finished like traditional sparkling wine, making it the ultimate thirst crusher yet still ultra-crisp and clean. Fans can order this limited-edition Pet Nat bundled with a digital pre-order of Positive Rising: Part 2 via Built To Spill while stocks last!

With a moodier tone than its predecessor, Positive Rising: Part 2 draws the outline of an apocalyptic scene, one that sees the band – Shane Parsons, Simon Ridley and Lachlan Ewbank – stepping outside of themselves, seeking out new perspectives and surveying the world from above. From up there, they don’t always like what they see, but Positive Rising: Part 2 offers a somewhat-hopeful ending to the sprawling rock saga.

‘All Or Nothing’ is coated in classic DZ Deathrays punk attitude, demanding attention to what they do best; slashing guitars and heavy riffs. The sonic mastermind gives a peak into the little world of DZ Deathrays and what Positive Rising: Part 2 has in store for fans.

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