Press: Ellery Cohen releases Waiting

Following on from his previous releases “Change Like That” and “Read Your Mind” which garnered support across SCA & KIIS FM networks, Ellery has started 2021 emphatically with his new single “Waiting”. 
A super catchy and up beat track, which was written about a girl he met whilst travelling in Vietnam. The track explores the notion of love and a journey of self-discovery.
Speaking about the single Ellery said, “I wrote this song about a girl I met in Vietnam while travelling, she told me that she had left her boyfriend and her life for a year, leaving her life behind. I thought it was so interesting and I wrote a song about what she would say to her boyfriend. It’s a song about love and complexity of relationship and how life can be sometimes. She asks the question ‘will you be waiting”. 

Waiting” is Ellery’s most impressive work to date, we would love for you to take the time to listen and consider it for airplay. If you are interested in speaking with Ellery Cohen, please let me know and I  will organise something at the earliest convenience.

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