Capital Theatre releases new single!

New Zealand trio Capital Theatre channel their alternative-rock dynamism with latest single “Force To Fight”. Drawing comparisons to Royal Blood & The Killers, the trio have spent the past six months recording their debut album with Guns N’ Roses producer Mike Clink. 
“Force To Flight” is the lead single from their the upcoming album, which furnishes explosive energy, with their powerful story based approached on modern rock. 
Accompanying the single is a high powered music video, targeting the US election contained in a boxing ring. Both red and blue corners showcase social, political and racial divides not only in America but worldwide. 
Frontman – Adam Stevenson said, “The song itself was written in 2019 as a prediction of things to come, but yes, the video definitely is an examination of the way the world is in 2020. Are we on the verge of absolute chaos, who knows? But there are so many clear examples of how extreme it is becoming in a global society fixated on social media, with social media giants and irresponsible politicians fuelling the fire”. 
Given the global events that occurred in 2020, “Fight To Flight” is highlighted as the crescendo single off the upcoming album. We would love for you to take the time to listen and consider it for airplay. If you are interested in speaking with Capital Theatre, please let me know and I will organise something at your earliest convenience.

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