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Lime Cordiale’s ‘Self Aware’ Album: 14 Steps to a Better You

Australian indie-pop duo, Lime Cordiale are rising stars in the Australian music scene. Taking the nation by storm, the band’s album explores different sounds and messages through the use of unusual instruments and captivating lyrics.

Louis and Oli Leimbach, brothers from Northern Sydney, formed their band Lime Cordiale in 2009 and have since become one of the most successful bands in Australia. Their quick rise in popularity is strongly associated with their hard work and dedication to touring and advertising their music globally. This year also saw them take home five spots in Triple J’s hottest 100 competition, the most songs of any artist, with four of these tracks from their newest album 14 Steps to a Better You.

14 Steps to a Better You is an album that the Leimbach brothers created and released in mid-July 2020, exploring deep and emotional ‘self help’ themes. Oli Leimbach explained in an interview with NZ entertainment reviewer, 13th Floor that many of the 14 songs on the album follow the brother’s opinions on how to live a happy life.

The album encompasses the truth behind becoming an adult and how it is normal to make mistakes as you grow. The crazy rollercoaster of emotions that it embraces, is relevant to what many have been feeling throughout the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic and can be seen as an escape from the difficulties they experienced.

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The cohesion of the tracks within the album has been carefully created to make listeners feel certain emotions when listening to the songs in order. The album starts off with the song That’s Life, introducing an easy to listen, groovy track with a catchy chorus. The song discusses the importance of trying new things, and how regret falls from “the things that you haven’t done.”

The next tracks on the album tackle more personal issues, including sadness and blame that the Leimbach brothers have faced through previous life experiences. In songs Can’t Take all the Blame,  No Plans to Make Plans and We Just Get By, Lime Cordiale sing about how it is important to let things ‘slide,’ to enjoy and live life to the fullest and to accomplish something with meaning as it is unknown when life will end.

I thoroughly enjoyed 14 Steps to a Better You as I loved its ability to incorporate strong and relatable themes, and pair them with light, groovy music. The use of instruments such as electric, acoustic and bass guitar, keyboard, drums, trumpet, and even kazoo create elements of successful, harmonious music that addresses the relevant issues. After listening to the whole album thoroughly, there weren’t any songs that I particularly disliked because of the carefully curated cohesion of the tracks. This is a rare quality for any music album to possess.

I would recommend anyone over the age of 15 to listen to this album, as Lime Cordiale have created a very easy to listen to array of songs that tackle problems that adolescents and adults deal with on a daily basis. I think their sole focus of living your life to the fullest, despite the complications that might come your way, is a tremendously essential message for both young people and adults to hear.

Overall, I believe 14 Steps to a Better You is what Australia needed during a time of havoc in 2020. However, the album is not only relatable to Australians. I believe that Lime Cordiale have exceptionally tackled issues and topics that can be of interest to people worldwide. I can’t wait to hear more of their music!

Written by Rebecca More

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