PLAY ON! Celebrating women’s football from grass roots to glory

The University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design launched its PLAY ON! exhibition on 11 July to celebrate the rich history of women’s football in the region.

Curated by students under the direction of staff, the exhibition brings together current and former footballers and members of the local Canberra football community for an exploration of the beautiful game, from neighbourhood pitches to the global stage. It sits in a central position on campus, on the upstairs level of the Refectory.

Delivered in collaboration with Capital Football, with contributions from the Canberra community and beyond, the immersive exhibition showcases football memorabilia, historical items, images, stories and more. Various themes offer deeper dives into the early history of women’s football, the remarkable trailblazers fighting for the game, inclusivity in football today, and more.

Ruby Thomas met with UC student Jess Preston, a female footballer featured in the exhibition to have a chat about her experiences.

Listen to the interview below:

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