O-Week Market Day

The team from The Wrap kicked off semester 2 with a 3-hour LIVE broadcast from the refectory for o-week market day.

Hosted by Lila Greyling, Haidyn Vecera, and Ruby Thomas, alongside Tia Priest-Willimott and Ben Devlin. The crew spoke with some of UC’s clubs and societies including, UCGLAMS, The UC Film Society, UComms, The UC Queer Society, UC Rotaract Club, and PIRaNaS.

They also caught up with UCLife to find out all the student events planned for this semester and got hyped for Stonefest with UCLivex.

UC Careers stopped by with some advice, with Jesse from UCX food pantry and Jacob from the SRC letting us know about some of the other student services available on campus.

Students tested their UC knowledge with a couple of quiz rounds winning free donuts from Oscar’s Bakery and UCFM Bluetooth speakers!

Check out some of the highlights below:

Interview with UCGLAMS
UC GLAMS (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) has been revived! A club for those interested in all things arts and history.

Interview with The UC Film Society
For those that love movies and film making!

Interview with UComms
Back from their study tour of Malaysia and Singapore, Darcy had all the deets!

Interview with Careers UC
Everything to help you find your path.

Interview with Curieux
UC’s student magazine.

Interview with UCX Food Pantry
Giving UC students access to free food supplies for those that don’t always have access to food. 

Interview with the UC Queer Club
Connecting queer youth in a supportive environment

Interview with Student Representative Council (SRC)
Facilitating communication between UC and it’s students.

Interview with the UC Rotaract Club
RCUC is a community working together to promote change and development locally and internationally, whilst empowering ourselves!

Interview with PIRaNaS
Politics, International Relations and National Security Student Association (PIRaNaS). A little bit like the fish.

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