Listening to Canberra Voices: A Conversation with UCX

In this episode we interview Charlotte Anderson-Clift, a manager at the University of Canberra’s UCX organisation. After studying at UC in the mid 2010’s, Charlotte has gone on to become an integral part of UCX’s operation as the Associate Director for Entertainment and Retail, helping run numerous events including the live screenings of the Matilda’s World Cup Games and the upcoming Stonefest.  Focusing on the work done by the UCX organisation, we discuss how they work to provide both better opportunities and a sense of community for campus life. Topics include UCX’s role in Events, Clubs, UC’s ever changing and diverse culture and how UCX helps students from all walks of life. 

Attribution for copyright-free audio clips used:
Chael – Sparks
Lamborhinideuce – Interlude: a long way from home
Seth_makes_sounds – Background: Chill Backgrhould

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