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The Faculty of Arts and Design encompasses everything that is creative. We work with you to bring your concepts and ideas into practical reality.

Welcome to the dynamic, imaginative environment that is the Faculty of Arts and Design where creativity is at the core of all our projects.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) happens across the Faculty of Arts and Design at all levels – from guest lectures or recorded interviews to internships, working on real case studies, field trips, and cross-disciplinary projects with local, national and international organisations.

By bringing UCFM into the Faculty of Arts and Design, we know our students in the Bachelor of Communication and Media, across the Faculty, the broader UC community will be able to learn and gain first hand practical experience in the field of media and specifically radio, equipping them to move on to the wonderfull world of traditional and digital media.

Our Courses

Audio Production Services

Audiovisual Recording
TV Studio

Our on campus TV studio (with an attached control room) is a teaching space used for training in a wide variety of production scenarios, with a focus on film and digital media production as well as TV news and sports broadcasting. It is equipped with lighting rig, studio cameras and set components that give students the capability to create anything from an interview stage to a full set. A cyclorama with infinity curve extends this capacity, providing green-screen for chroma key compositing with a wide range of applications.

Visual Audio Booth

Located in building 9 the VA Booth is a place to record and stream high-quality video and audio. The booth provides consistent lighting, a lapel mic for clear and optimised audio, and full HD video capture. No technical expertise is required: just click record on the computer in the booth. The computer captures video and audio from a camera and lapel microphone and saves directly to a desktop folder.

Suggested uses
  • Recording lectures and demonstrations
  • Streaming presentations
  • Attending virtually at conferences and events

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