Listening to Canberra Voices

Listening to Canberra Voices is a podcast series focused on the experiences and perspectives of Canberra’s diverse community. Armed with this broad brief, students set out to find and interview residents of Canberra across demographics, starting conversations and exploring the richness that diversity brings to the city.

Studying and Working in Academia Listening to Canberra Voices

This episode of the Listening to Canberra Voices podcast follows the voice of our host, Harrison Waddell, in discussion with guest, Samuel Byrnand.
  1. Studying and Working in Academia
  2. Levelling Up in the Capital
  3. A Conversation with UCX
  4. Sharing the Spotlight
  5. Cost of Living Pains
  6. Matildas’ Next Generation
  7. Canberrans’ Response to the Convey
  8. Super W Equality
  9. On the Wall
  10. Fearless Women