Locals with Lily

Join Lily B as she introduces you to the best local music from Canberra and surrounds, chats to bands, and keeps you updated on gigs and what’s happening in the local music scene.


November 13, 2023

Playlist: Mokem – Shine, Thunder Fox – The Score, Charli Lucas – Wonderland, ARCHIE – Out of the City, Sesame Girl – Hey x, Will Baker – Anything, Miroji – Near, Club Halifax – Lucid, Apricot Ink – Love Potion, Xanthe Campbell – Truth, Bad Lunar – See Ya Never

October 16, 2023

Interview with smartcasual

Playlist: smartcasual – Everybody Wants Something, Sputnik Sweetheart – Something More, Sesame Girl – Faking It, Before the King – Cold Shoulder, Jazzy Dale – Mr Right, Kyle Charles Hall – In Love 23, Sarah Yagki – Just Like Me, Radio Free Alice – Look What You’ve Done, Lucy Sugarman – panic!, The Brights – In My Hands, Pasiflorez – Round the Twist

October 9, 2023

Playlist: Sonic Reducer – ONE OF THE LADS, The Toothpicks – A Toxic Melee, Charli Lucas – breakfast roll, Thunder Fox – Look at U, Atkinson – ahandsomelife, Chiara Kovac – Keeping Up, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – I Love You, Dean the Wise – d a t a d e a th, Eliza & The Delusionals – Halloween, Rob Aspinall – Misty Morning Road, Jet City Sports Club – Drug Store (Waste My Time), Ike(from)Pluto – Piss Take, Chloe Dadd – Hesitate

September 18, 2023

Interview with Sophie Edwards

Playlist: Sophie Edwards – 4K in My Brain, Spouse – Hey Katie, Mokem – Dance with Me, Lucy Sugarman – Kiss the Algorithm, ARCHIE – Low Tide, Big Words – Want Me to Change, Mr. Industry – Booty Smashers, Jacob Turl – Solitary Vision, Apricot Ink – Call Me Good, Mokem – Shine

September 4, 2023

Previewing the upcoming EP “3D Feelings” by Before the King

Playlist: Gia Ransome – Crush, MFV – Barnburner, Lara Buchanan – Shattered Glass, dust – Alternator, NORA – Rosemary, Stella Eve + Eloria – Better Things Remix, The Shadow Ministers – I’m in Love

August 21, 2023

Playlist: Sugarland Express – You Want Love, smartcasual – Stay in Your Lane, Sophie Edwards & Koebi Faumui – A Vague Song of Regret, Sputnik Sweetheart – Lindy Hop, Sam Sly – Palace, Before the King – Different Combinations of the Same, Koebi Faumui – Good People, Sesame Girl – Boys, Muesli – Tonight, Jacob Turl – You to Me, Apricot Ink – Summer Glow, ARCHIE – Hook, Line & Sinker, Before the King – Going Home