Off Camera

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In Off Camera, the UC Film Society discuss the latest in movies, and explore our upcoming events, joined by a special guest each week.

Episode 11: Yeo Won’t Wanna Miss This! Off Camera

In this episode, we’re joined by Ben Yeo. We also discuss the extensive filmography of Tilda Swinton.
  1. Episode 11: Yeo Won’t Wanna Miss This!
  2. Episode 10: Killers of the Flower Moon
  3. Episode 9: Royal Reaction
  4. Episode 8: Film vs Digital
  5. Episode 7: Halloween!


Off Camera: Making a film for George Lucas

In this Off Camera episode, we are joined by Jullian Ignacio, our friend and colleague in the UC film degree. We deep dive into ‘The Social Network’ by David Fincher and make a movie for George Lucas!

Off Camera: ‘One Piece’ of popcorn at a time

Today, we talk about Rian Johnson, ‘One Piece’, and when to eat a piece of popcorn. We discuss Wes Anderson in depth and rate his movies from least to most favourite.

Off Camera: ‘Boogie Nights’

In this episode, Olly tells us a bit about his favourites in film, and we discuss ‘Boogie Nights’ by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Off Camera: ‘Run’ with Ollie Williams

This week on Off Camera, we are joined by Ollie Williams, writer and director of new short film ‘Run’! Ollie tells us about his favourite films, and we share some thoughts on upcoming movies and events.

Off Camera: Scorcese’s Taxi Driver

In this episode of Off Camera, we learn more about host Jake Lacy, and do a deep dive into the 1976 movie Taxi Driver, by Martin Scorcese.