On the Wright Track

On the Wright Track host Maggie Wright is joined by a guest to talk sport, with a twist! Sure, anyone can talk footy, but who’s covering car jujitsu or extreme ironing? Each episode Maggie and her guests will talk conventional codes, then delve into the weird and whacky side of the wonderful world of sport!

The Highland Games On the Wright Track

Maggie is joined by Maddy in the studio to recap the Canberra Highland Gathering. With interviews from the competitors of the unusual sporting activities held at the event.
  1. The Highland Games
  2. Horses and Hobby Horsing
  3. Volleyball, Zorbing
  4. Cricket, Cheese Rolling
  5. FIFA Women’s World Cup, Quidditch
  6. NRL Round 24, Welly Wanging
  7. Pool/Billiards, Car Jujitsu, EXTREME Ironing