All shows are available in podcast form on the below platforms:

On the Wright Track

Host Maggie Wright is joined by a guest to talk sport, with a twist! Sure, anyone can talk footy, but who’s covering car jujitsu or extreme ironing? Each episode Maggie and her guests will talk conventional codes, then delve into the weird and whacky side of sport!

Tuesdays 4pm + Wednesdays 10am (replay)

A graphic of a film clapper board

Off Camera

In Off Camera, the UC Film Society discuss the latest in movies, and explore our upcoming events, joined by a special guest each week.

Tuesdays 6pm + Thursdays 10am (replay)

Checkpoint Gaming

Checkpoint Gaming is an LGBTQIA+ radio show/podcast produced by JOY Media bringing you reviews, gaming news and discussions about the games industry. The show also discusses topics such as sexuality, diversity and the importance of LGBTQIA+ representation.

Wednesdays 7pm

Hear Owl About It

Think you know the news? The Owl will be the judge of that. Tune in as our rotating roster of student journalists quiz each other about what’s happening and play some tunes while they Google the answers.

Thursdays 6pm [LIVE] + Friday 12pm (replay) + Sunday 2pm (replay) (during semester)

The Wrap Up

Wrap up all the happenings from around campus.

Fortnightly on Fridays 4pm [LIVE] + Saturdays 12pm (replay) (during semester)

Pitlane Punters

Your ultimate destination for all things motorsports. Join your hosts, AnthonyJosh and Zac, as they share with you the latest adrenaline filled news, insights, and updates from the fast-paced world of motorsport. 

Fridays 6pm + Saturdays 10am (replay)

The Long Brunch

Place your order and let our team cook you up a serving of news, sport, current affairs and chat. Long Brunch is an occasional series of live broadcasts on UCFM, brought to you by The Owl.

Seasonal – Check back for the next installment


Maddi’s Mix Up

From Country to RnB, Maddi’s Mix Up is like your daily drive algorithm, it has songs you love and songs you have never heard of and well if you don’t like a song I play, I can bet the person next to you is tapping their foot. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the tunes.

Locals with Lily

Join Lily B as she introduces you to the best local music from Canberra and surrounds, chats to bands, and keeps you updated on gigs are happening this week.

Mondays 6pm + Tuesday 10am (replay)

Toeka tot Nou

A first for UCFM. Lila Greyling provides an hour of pure joy with Afrikaans music from the old days to today where you can relive memories and cherish them for years to come. 

Enjoy the good music and warm feeling inside that reminds us why we are proud to speak Afrikaans. 

Tuesdays 12pm + 9pm (replay)

Humpday Hoedown

Every Wednesday Lila is bringing some good old Country music that will surely get you through the second half of the week.

Grab your boots and hat and get ready for a toe tapping, foot stomping hour of pure joy!

Wednesdays 12pm + 9pm (replay)

New Music Fridays!

Tune in Friday mornings as we bring you the latest vibes, and feature spotlight bands!

A playlist of the freshest tracks curated by Natasha.

Fridays 11am

Dance Party Weekly

Dance Party Weekly is a three-hour syndicated radio show playing dance anthems from the last 30 years right up to today’s hottest releases, every week we have a brand-new hottest record and tune of the week.

Saturdays 9pm

Sunday Night Listening Party

Gather around fam, it’s time for the UCFM Sunday night listening party! Every Sunday from 7:30pm we’re playing albums in full right here on UCFM. Tune in and discover some new jams.

Sundays 7pm

Passport Approved

Passport Approved is an Internationally syndicated specialty radio show. Hosted by Sat Bisla, PA is your first point of contact for great new music!

Sundays 9pm + Thursdays 9pm (replay)


All podcasts are available on the below platforms:

Audio Stories

This podcast series of brief episodes brings together some of the best of audio stories produced by students at the University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design, submitted as assignments for the units Sound Design and Digital Media Fundamentals. Stories are based on interviews with members of the local Canberra community.

It’s Not Just the Vibe, It’s the Constitution

In 2023 Australians are being asked to change the Constitution. If we are being asked to change something, shouldn’t we know what is in it already? Sure, we know something about ‘the vibe’ of it from the Castle, but what else?

In this 8-part podcast series, It’s Not Just the Vibe, it’s the Constitution! Kim Rubenstein and James Blackwell talk about just that – how the Constitution came to be, what is in it already, and what the 2023 referendum is about!


TACT is an educational and accessible podcast series about sex, sexual health, our bodies and identities, and mental health. In each episode, host Jen Seyderhelm joins in conversation with a range of guests who offer judgement-free advice, insight and information relevant to the lives of all young adults.

Listening to Canberra Voices

Listening to Canberra Voices is a podcast series focused on the experiences and perspectives of Canberra’s diverse community. Armed with this broad brief, students set out to find and interview residents of Canberra across demographics, starting conversations and exploring the richness that diversity brings to the city.

The Owl News

Bite-sized news and current affairs from The Owl team.

The Owl Chats

Pull up a comfy chair and get a pot of tea going. In this series, we sit down for a chat with the people who make, consume and think about the media.