Canberrans’ Response to the Convey

Listening to Canberra Voices
Listening to Canberra Voices
Canberrans’ Response to the Convey

At the end of January 2022, a protest movement labelled the ‘Convoy to Canberra’ arrived in the nation’s capital with thousands of members. During their time in Canberra, they protested about COVID-19 and vaccine mandates, most eventually leaving in mid-February. During this time the media focused on the convoy and its political message but there was one voice that was left out of the media’s coverage: Canberra locals. The episode ‘Canberrans response to the Convoy’ explores a local perspective on vaccine mandates within the ACT and how the convoy being in Canberra affected their everyday life.

Guest bio:
Jane McGuiness is a born-and-bred Canberra local, but she has been living in the ACT on and off since 1975. Jane works in the public sector, and through his, she has become more involved with her local community. Jane’s family also lives in Canberra, including her two elderly parents who were in vulnerable positions during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Further stress was added to their already compromised positions by the convoy to Canberra as one of her parent’s lives close to the EPIC markets where the protesters were situated.

Made by Anna Murphy, Dhruv Dhruv, and Cameron Sollar.

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